Easy Tips on How to Get Him Back

Hello beautiful, I am Sandra and today I am going to reveal a secret that I found just recently.

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So, here is the secret

  • Even though you may get dumped by your boyfriend
  • Even if he is dating with new girl
  • Even if he says he hates you

It is not over

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It is way FAR from over

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Here are some tips I posted just for you

how to get him backHi, my name is Sandra and I help many women in getting their ex boyfriend back. I am helping women in getting her boyfriend back since 10 years and if you arrive here by searching how to get him back then you come to right place.

In this website I am going to share my tips, tricks and step about how to win him back and make him crawl back to you. It does not either your boyfriend dating with other girl or he is ignoring you, with the right steps at right time will make him crawling back to you once again.

I helped many girls to get their boyfriend and in this process I found many girls complaining my boyfriend does not showing love to me as he used to show. And many girls complaining their boyfriend starts searching for new girl despite of fulfilling his every need and support him.

The most common problem:

Before, I start telling you steps you need to do for how to him back, I think it is good to start talking about the most common problem that occurred in almost every couple relationship. Before the relationship women have slight advantage over men. Women have ‘Selecting Power’ to select or reject any man. Man naturally do numerous things to impress girl and get attraction from her and at this time girl has ‘selecting power’ which give her advantage over man.

This ‘Selecting Power’ gives full right to woman either to accept the offer of man or reject it. But, once woman decided to get into relationship with a man then naturally this advantage start transferring to man. Don’t get me wrong but after sometime man with this advantage start taking decision for her girlfriend and he starts pushing boundaries. Girl starts dressing sexy to get attraction from her man and man with the additional advantage power has unfair advantage either to like it or dislike it. It is in man nature when man comes to know he wins you 100% he starts spending less time with you and start looking for another girl. Yes, it is in man nature and you can’t change it or you can’t stop it. The only thing you can do is stop making your ex boyfriend realize you are unpredictable and keep him wondering how to win your heart. Men think women are unpredictable and you know it is good for us. Never make your man think he win you completely.

Want to get him back:


Ok now let me tell you what you need to do if you want to get him back. First of all you need to stop doing few mistakes.

  • Texting Him:

If you texting him often he gets feeling how desperate you are to get him back and in return he starts playing mind games with you. Sometime he ignores you and sometime he does not answers you properly. The best option in this situation is to stop messaging him. Never make him feel you are desperate if your boyfriend loves you he starts sending you numerous signs. But before getting any signs don’t contact or message him.

  • Stop Talking about Her:

Your boyfriend is not with you anymore that is why it is good to stop talking about him with your friends. If you talk about him with your friends and your boyfriend come to know about it then he starts feeling out of the world and never do any work to get you back.

  • Be strong:

I know you are broken from inside but don’t let your inner feelings come out of your body. You going to lost your value in the eyes of your boyfriend if you start crying for him to get back. Boys always have special place for his girlfriend. If he still loves you he will back in your life sooner or later.

  • Don’t Start Dating:

If you want to get him back you need to win him with positive moves. Dating with someone else to make him jealous will only hurt you in future when you see your boyfriend dating and kissing other girls. If you found your boyfriend dating with another women still don’t start dating. Wait for him at least 8 weeks and after 8 weeks if he still dating with someone else then accept her decision and move on.

These are the four mistakes you need to avoid at all cost. One of the tools I suggest for girls to get her boyfriend back is 60 days no-contact.

What is 60 days no-contact and how it helps?


60 days no-contact is very effective tool and it helps many girls to get their ex boyfriend back. This technique is firstly build for girls as well as boys but later some relationship experts think that it is best suitable for girls. In this technique you need to break your every contact with your ex and if it is possible then you need to even remove the photo and cell number of your ex from your computer and cell phone. If you don’t remove him from your social media profile then remove him now or if you don’t want to remove him then do your best to avoid posting sad messages in your profile. Try posting happy and interesting messages to make your ex boyfriend feel you are not thinking about him.

Before starting 60 days no-contact there is one rule of it and that is no contact means no contact. If you break this rule then you need to start all over again. That is why it is very difficult to follow and many people complain about it. Most probably in these 60 days you start getting signs from your boyfriend that he wants to contact you. If you get any visible sign from him it is good to accept it.

Last few words…

want to get him back

Many girls think getting boyfriend after breakup is difficult because men have in their nature they always want a new girl who make them happy, admire them and most importantly respect them. When you break with your boyfriend there are many people who advised you to move on because they don’t know how difficult it is to remove all lovely memories of your ex. The first and most important move you need to take in how to get him back is avoiding mistakes that I mentioned above then follow 30-60 days no-contact and in between these days you get some signs of getting back from your ex boyfriend.