Louis Chenevert: The Leader Behind the Success of UTC

Louis Chenevert is known to be one of the pioneering people at United Technologies Corporation and is seen as a distinguished member of the field. He has spent an incredible amount of time working with the company and has been instrumental in the progress that the corporation has been seeing. To pay tribute to the work that he has done with UTC, the company decided to erect a six-foot-tall statue as a sign to the accomplishments that he has had while working with UTC, and the growth that the company saw under his leadership.

Chenevert was born in Canada and attained a degree in production management before starting out his career. One of the more iconic professional endeavors that Chenevert has taken part in was working for General Motors. He worked for a significant amount of time at the company before moving on to the business front of United Technologies, which was known as Pratt and Whitney. He has always been incredibly business minded and was able to function extremely well at the firm. He worked for almost seven years before he was asked to move to United Technologies to be their president. Chenevert stood as the CEO of the company until 2014 and has brought along numerous new endeavors for the company which has proven to be extremely beneficial for them. He brought an incredible amount of business to UTC, today which is worth over a hundred billion dollars.

Chenevert is known to be a great leader to UTC. He is looked up to as a reputable person not just by the people working with him at UTC, but through the entire industry. With his leadership, he has set the standard for other corporations, giving them something to look up to as an example of continuous success.

Chenevert has also brought along numerous programs for the improvement of the people working for UTC. One such program entailed scholarships to employees who want to pursue a further education to better their professional positions at the company. Because of this program, thousands of UTC employees have been able to attain their educational goals, and they all have Chenevert to thank for it. He is currently an advisor for Goldman Sachs.

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