Siteline Cabinetry Offers Custom Cabinetry At Affordable Prices

Recently, we made the decision that our old kitchen cabinets had to go. They were not only old and cracked in some places, but we used that section of the house for many different purposes now that our children were grown up and gone. We did not store as much in the way of cooking materials and we really needed a different configuration to use for the storage of different things altogether.

Our dilemma was not that we needed new cabinets as much as it was that we were having difficulty finding someone that we could trust and who could give us some good advice. Most of the dealers, contractors, and box store people that we spoke with seemed to have little in the way of variety and choices. The cabinets were sort of ho-hum with little variety. The materials were mediocre at best with not much in the way of good materials.

We were hitting dead ends with very little in the way of ideas when my husband was mentioning our plight to a co-worker of his. The co-worker suggested that we give Siteline Cabinetry a call, as he had used them six months prior to that time. His endorsement of Siteline sounded too good to be true.

They come to your home and find out your current layout of cabinets and what you want to have happen. They help you to do a complete redesign and then they custom build your new cabinets from scratch. The prices were reasonable too because he had been comparing just like we had been doing, going from dealer to dealer.

So we called and set an appointment with a local Siteline dealer and they sent a rep to our home. Everything occurred just like my husband’s co-worker said. The rep spent enough time to explain to us that Siteline is a part of Corsi Cabinets, a company that has been in the cabinet business for over 40 years.

We made our plans and sent them to the Virginia factory where our cabinets were constructed and back in our house, installed in a matter of five weeks. We were very satisfied with the results and recommend them to anyone interested in new cabinets.