Improve Your 2018 Financial Life with the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private and global organization with entrepreneurs and investors who are well updated on the market conditions. The group is not a secret organization; they are just choosy. In fact, their clients add up to 157000 and are spread in approximately 131 countries.

The Oxford Club advises their clients on the market niches in their states. They do exclusive research on the opportunities. By so doing, they come up with the ventures with the most profitable and minimum risks for their members.

For more than 20 years, the timely advice on the market situation has rendered nothing but success to the members of the organization. Here is the advice on how to have a successful financial year in 2018 from Oxford Club;

  • Improve Your Saving Skills

According to a research carried out on the 2017 retirement survey showed that a majority of the citizens are unprepared or their retired. The big setback being not having saved enough.

Half of the Americans have amassed less than $25000 while another quarter only has less than $1000 for their retirement.

Many individuals believe that the government will provide for them and save them the discomfort and trouble.

For a happy retirement, start saving now and maximize your saving.

  • Reduce Your Investments Costs

You can almost get what you pay for in all situations. However, this is not the case when it comes to the investment managers. At the end of the day, they drain you and better themselves.

95% of the investment managers fail to achieve the target. There is, therefore, no need of gambling your money with a chance of 1 winning in 20. Become your investment management in 2018. Use the Oxfords Club simple technical analysis tools to perfect your skills.

  • Rebalance Your Portfolio

This means that you sell the assets that have gained the highest over the years and put the earnings on the lowest asset classes.

This helps you avoid risks as you and adds to your positive long-term returns. The Oxford Club advises their members to add on their winners and cut short their losers.

Join the Chairman’s Circle Membership on Oxford Club’s website.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Custom Cabinetry At Affordable Prices

Recently, we made the decision that our old kitchen cabinets had to go. They were not only old and cracked in some places, but we used that section of the house for many different purposes now that our children were grown up and gone. We did not store as much in the way of cooking materials and we really needed a different configuration to use for the storage of different things altogether.

Our dilemma was not that we needed new cabinets as much as it was that we were having difficulty finding someone that we could trust and who could give us some good advice. Most of the dealers, contractors, and box store people that we spoke with seemed to have little in the way of variety and choices. The cabinets were sort of ho-hum with little variety. The materials were mediocre at best with not much in the way of good materials.

We were hitting dead ends with very little in the way of ideas when my husband was mentioning our plight to a co-worker of his. The co-worker suggested that we give Siteline Cabinetry a call, as he had used them six months prior to that time. His endorsement of Siteline sounded too good to be true.

They come to your home and find out your current layout of cabinets and what you want to have happen. They help you to do a complete redesign and then they custom build your new cabinets from scratch. The prices were reasonable too because he had been comparing just like we had been doing, going from dealer to dealer.

So we called and set an appointment with a local Siteline dealer and they sent a rep to our home. Everything occurred just like my husband’s co-worker said. The rep spent enough time to explain to us that Siteline is a part of Corsi Cabinets, a company that has been in the cabinet business for over 40 years.

We made our plans and sent them to the Virginia factory where our cabinets were constructed and back in our house, installed in a matter of five weeks. We were very satisfied with the results and recommend them to anyone interested in new cabinets.

Lacey and Larkin

It seems that former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio has more lives than a cat. Many of his detractors cheered when he was convicted of criminal contempt in July of 2017.

Many people though that just maybe Arpaio would finally get his comeuppance after decades of wrong doing. Many were salivating at the prospect of seeing this man lead out of his home and into a courthouse in shackles.

After President Donald Trump pardoned the embattled sheriff, Arpaio has seemingly once again escaped the clutches of justice. It shouldn’t be much of a shock for those who know about the relationship between Trump and Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Before Trump ran for president, he was one of President Barack Obama’s loudest critics. He was also one of the main proponents of the “birther” movement. And Arpaio gladly joined in supplying even more support for the movement.

The self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” has a long history of abuses during his 24-year tenure at the Maricopa County Jail. He has been accused of everything from racial profiling, turning a blind eye to suspicious deaths and beatings and not providing adequate healthcare.

For years Arpaio orchestrated a full on assault against Hispanic Americans in Maricopa County. He continuously violated the rights of citizens all while thumbing his nose at anyone who spoke out against him — and defying the rulings of judges who agreed that he was in fact operating in an illegal fashion.

But in one of the most outrageous acts of constitutional rights violations, Arpaio had two men — Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin — arrested on Oct. 17, 2007 for speaking out about his illegal activities.

The scathing full-page spread which appeared in the Phoenix New Times, explored all of Arpaio’s abuses from illegal money exchanges to mismanagement to brutal tactics employed by his deputies.

The men were led from their houses in handcuffs, shoved into dark vans with Mexican license plates and taken away. They were later booked on unspecified charges. Both men later won a $3.2 million judgement against Maricopa County and Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Rather than spend the money, the men created the Frontera Fund, an initiative that supports Latino Americans who have suffered from intimidation and racism.

While Arpaio has managed to escape justice many feel he deserve, some feel that it’s not over yet. Larkin and Lacey say they will continue to shine a spotlight on Arpaio, all while working for the people he harmed.

Louis Chenevert: The Leader Behind the Success of UTC

Louis Chenevert is known to be one of the pioneering people at United Technologies Corporation and is seen as a distinguished member of the field. He has spent an incredible amount of time working with the company and has been instrumental in the progress that the corporation has been seeing. To pay tribute to the work that he has done with UTC, the company decided to erect a six-foot-tall statue as a sign to the accomplishments that he has had while working with UTC, and the growth that the company saw under his leadership.

Chenevert was born in Canada and attained a degree in production management before starting out his career. One of the more iconic professional endeavors that Chenevert has taken part in was working for General Motors. He worked for a significant amount of time at the company before moving on to the business front of United Technologies, which was known as Pratt and Whitney. He has always been incredibly business minded and was able to function extremely well at the firm. He worked for almost seven years before he was asked to move to United Technologies to be their president. Chenevert stood as the CEO of the company until 2014 and has brought along numerous new endeavors for the company which has proven to be extremely beneficial for them. He brought an incredible amount of business to UTC, today which is worth over a hundred billion dollars.

Chenevert is known to be a great leader to UTC. He is looked up to as a reputable person not just by the people working with him at UTC, but through the entire industry. With his leadership, he has set the standard for other corporations, giving them something to look up to as an example of continuous success.

Chenevert has also brought along numerous programs for the improvement of the people working for UTC. One such program entailed scholarships to employees who want to pursue a further education to better their professional positions at the company. Because of this program, thousands of UTC employees have been able to attain their educational goals, and they all have Chenevert to thank for it. He is currently an advisor for Goldman Sachs.