Daniel Taub as the Ambassador of Israeli to Britain

Daniel Taub is one of the most successful ambassadors. During his reign,the value of trade between the two states made a significant improvement and the diplomatic relationships as well. This was the goal of Daniel Taub when he got the role as an ambassador.

It is important to note that Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain. He schooled in the most prestigious schools in London. Taub moved to Israel in 1989, where he got an opportunity to work as a combat medic in the country’s defense forces and later as a reserve officer in the International Law division. In 2011, he was appointed as the ambassador of Israel to London. Before then, he had represented Israel in peace negotiations between the state and Britain. He says that Britain been the most powerful state in the world, it was an honor to be amongst the individuals who participated in the peace talks.

When Daniel Taub went to submit his credentials officially as the ambassador of Israel to Britain, his outfit suggested only one thing. It said he was born in Britain, but he was not ready to compromise his role to the Israeli. The Queen was concerned with the decision of Daniel Taub to represent Israel in Britain because it meant his Britain citizenship had to be revoked.

Daniel Taub, however, had no doubts about the mission he was about to embark. This was his chance to bring up his children in their historic land and more importantly show appreciation to the two countries by bringing them closer. Learn more: http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

Four years down the line, during his farewell party, he is pleased with his work of four years. Although there were controversies in court concerning his appointment, now everyone agrees he was the right candidate for the seat. The trade between the two countries is approximated to be $7.7 billion, and there 300 Israeli business setups in Britain.

Being an international law expert and an excellent British writer, the citizens expect him to continue giving back to the society even after his resignation as their ambassador to Britain. This is through his great writings and lecturing students on international law. For the Israel Embassy, they can only hope that his replacement will be better than him if not his match. They are sad to see him leave office but grateful for his achievements.