Fabletics: Effectively Using Crowdsourcing

For years, consumers have been trying to come up with better ways of determining final purchases. The old decision-making process involved traditional marketing and advertising. Now, consumers have discovered a new, more trustworthy tool: crowd-sourced reviews. As times change, savvier brands are utilizing this trend and adopting review-centric marketing strategies.

One brand experiencing review-centric success is Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear brands in the world thanks to its millions of followers. In less than five years, Fabletic’s grown by over 200 percent and is now generating more than $250 million in revenue. Even its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, is thankful for online reviews.

By taking advantage of this new consumer behavior, Fabletics can freely advertise to potential members without advertising. This, in turn, makes every customer feel like they’re the center of attention. Fabletics has some of the more loyal customers of any industry.

That’s because Fabletics understands how important trust is to its customers. Trust is the reason that online reviews grew in popularity. People don’t trust traditional marketing and advertising anymore; they’ve been burned too many times. Now, the words of their fellow shoppers are what drive them to a final purchase decision.

While Fabletics has over 20 million social media followers, it only has 1.2 million paying members. Those members love the discounted prices as much as they love the endless variety of styles. It’s shocking how affordable Fabletics actually. Even more shocking, Fabletics isn’t poorly manufactured. Its products are easily considered high quality.

More importantly, Fabletics is on a mission to make health and fitness possible for all women. Not a lot of women have fashion companies making products that are actually suited for everyone, but Fabletics is focused on making every woman look and feels her best, regardless of age, size, or style preference.

Speaking of styles, Fabletics has one of the largest selections of activewear for all size of women. It’s actually one of the things that Fabletics is praised for the most.

Fabletics creates lines in sizes from XXS to 3X. Creating that many lines is difficult, but it’s worth it to hear all the appreciation from members. Fabletics offers a lifestyle quiz that shows non-member what outfits the personalize service would recommend based on their answers.

Fabletics the Athleisure Brand that Kate Hudson Took to New Heights of Success

The social media networks have made it easier for the people to interact with each other and this interaction has a compelling role to play when it comes to consumer awareness. People these days have the power to voice their opinion about any product, brands, or just about anything online, and it has empowered people with the first-hand information about whether any particular product, brand or services, are worth their time and money or not. Previously, the consumer awareness was not as fluid, and it mostly depended on the reviews of friends and families, but today, the scene has completely changed. A product or brand with a good number of reviews online can help the consumers in making their purchasing decisions.


Fabletics is an athleisure brand that has leveraged heavily on the power and influence of the crowd. It is a company that started in 2013 and just a few years has multiplied to have an annual turnover of over $250 million. Moreover, the company has one million subscribers who pay a monthly fee to enjoy various perks and products that Fabletics has to offer. The counts of its VIP members are increasing rapidly as well. One of the reasons behind the exponential growth of Fabletics is that it focused on giving the end users exactly what they needed, quality at economical prices. There were many athleisure brands in the market at the time Fabletics entered the market, but none of the other brands combined quality with affordability, which is where Fabletics scored the home run.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders and co-owners of Fabletics has also played a vital role in the growth of Fabletics. She has a huge fan following across the world and is already known as the “Fitness Diva” due to her well-toned shape and body. The association of Kate Hudson with Fabletics helped in the development of innovative product design and ensuring that the quality of products that reach the customers are second to none. It is what assisted in making Fabletics a brand that everyone could relate with. The reverse showroom technique that Fabletics implemented successfully by entering the e-commerce market first and then opening stores across the country, also helped in systematically penetrating the market.


Kate Hudson says that she keeps track of the company’s sales every week and ensures that necessary corrections are made as and when needed, almost immediately. The company also uses advanced marketing and sales data technology to understand what is liked by the customers, and what not so much. It helps in ensuring that the company can continually provide the customers what they are looking for, and it helps in staying a notch above the competitors as well. Kate Hudson says that Fabletics is a brand that aspires to meet the expectations of its customers, and thanks to the excellent customer service, the brand has been able to build a strong bond with its clients. For customers looking to shop at Fabletics, taking Lifestyle Quiz at their site is highly recommended.

Louis Chenevert: The Leader Behind the Success of UTC

Louis Chenevert is known to be one of the pioneering people at United Technologies Corporation and is seen as a distinguished member of the field. He has spent an incredible amount of time working with the company and has been instrumental in the progress that the corporation has been seeing. To pay tribute to the work that he has done with UTC, the company decided to erect a six-foot-tall statue as a sign to the accomplishments that he has had while working with UTC, and the growth that the company saw under his leadership.

Chenevert was born in Canada and attained a degree in production management before starting out his career. One of the more iconic professional endeavors that Chenevert has taken part in was working for General Motors. He worked for a significant amount of time at the company before moving on to the business front of United Technologies, which was known as Pratt and Whitney. He has always been incredibly business minded and was able to function extremely well at the firm. He worked for almost seven years before he was asked to move to United Technologies to be their president. Chenevert stood as the CEO of the company until 2014 and has brought along numerous new endeavors for the company which has proven to be extremely beneficial for them. He brought an incredible amount of business to UTC, today which is worth over a hundred billion dollars.

Chenevert is known to be a great leader to UTC. He is looked up to as a reputable person not just by the people working with him at UTC, but through the entire industry. With his leadership, he has set the standard for other corporations, giving them something to look up to as an example of continuous success.

Chenevert has also brought along numerous programs for the improvement of the people working for UTC. One such program entailed scholarships to employees who want to pursue a further education to better their professional positions at the company. Because of this program, thousands of UTC employees have been able to attain their educational goals, and they all have Chenevert to thank for it. He is currently an advisor for Goldman Sachs.

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